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Functional Yoga



Functional Yoga

What is Functional Yoga?

First of all, a functional movement is one that is found in our every day actions: sitting down, standing up, reaching overhead, bending down, turning around, walking, etc. 

Functional yoga uses movements and postures that mimic these actions, in the context of yoga. To have a better idea about what this looks like, have a look below at some sequences that Ella has taught in her group classes.

Why Functional Yoga?

Practising and improving the way we do these movements ensures that we maintain the ability to keep doing them into our old age. Moreover, it enhances our everyday experience in our body. 

It improves coordination, mobility, strength, body awareness and movement efficiency. All while  promoting mindfulness and focus. 

By practising functional yoga, you will feel more confident in your body, and your body will feel better too!

How does it do this?

In sessions with Ella, you will start on the floor with some simple movements. Here, it is easy for your brain to learn a new pattern because it doesn't have to navigate balance or gravity, and it gets some valuable feedback from the floor to help it figure out where it is in space.


Then, you will use that same pattern in more challenging positions (e.g. on hands and knees and then standing on your feet), so that you can begin to apply what you're learning into some bigger movements.


In this way, the patterns that you practise on the mat will become stronger and more defined in your neural map (this is the "map" by which your brain locates body parts in order to know how to move them around), so that the movements become increasingly habitual and easeful in your day to day life.

Is it for me?

Yes! Ella will meet you where you're at. What your body can do is unique to you, and your practice will be too. Whether it means spending the yoga session lying on the floor, sitting on a chair or upside down on your hands, Ella will give you options that work best for you. 

I'm in. What next?

Get in touch to chat to Ella about what you want to achieve and to book your first session. This can take place at your house, at Ella's home studio in Rothesay Bay or at Kanuka Yoga Space in Hobsonville.

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