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Pre- & Postnatal

Why does Ella work with pregnant and postpartum women?

"I was twenty-four when I had my son, Jackson. I was blessed with an easy pregnancy and birth and had studiously done all my Kegel Exercises, the way I had been instructed to by my midwife. You can imagine my surprise (and embarrassment) when, after everything had healed, I discovered I could no longer run, jump or sometimes even laugh - without peeing myself. 

It wasn't just embarrassment. I felt shame, bewilderment, betrayal and grief. I spent the next seven years with these feelings, and resigned myself to a life of commiserating with other mummies and surreptitiously sliding into the gym bathroom for a wee whenever the skipping ropes would come out for a session. 

When Jack was almost eight, I experienced a turning point in my career as a yoga teacher. I was learning more and more about the human body, and my curiosity led me down a path of deep investigation into the definition and function of a strong and stable "core".

Long story short, I developed a new approach to breathing, posture and abdominal engagement. My undies and my pelvic floor muscles have been thanking me ever since!


Within a matter of months, I went from requiring multiple wee breaks during a 5km run, to just needing the one right before the run, and finally - not needing to wee at all before or during the run. Jackson's ninth birthday was a celebration of his arrival into this world, and a joyous farewell to the bother of a leaky vagina. 

This change has been transformative. I feel strong, capable and empowered. I trust my body again, and I want to help other women experience the same freedom and confidence in their bodies."

- Ella

How can Ella help?

Ella wants to make sure that she can offer the best service and care to her pregnant and postpartum clients. She is currently completing a professional certification that will qualify her as a Pre- and Postpartum Corrective Exercise Specialist. The course is run by Dr. Sarah Duvall, a U.S. based physiotherapist who educates professionals in the health and fitness sector. Sarah has been the biggest influence in Ella's journey of discovery in correcting her own pelvic floor dysfunction.

In the course, Ella is learning exercise modifications for pregnancy and timelines for returning to exercise after birth, along with a multitude of corrective exercises to help with pelvic floor dysfunction (leaks, tightness, and prolapse), diastasis recti, sacroiliac (SI) joint pain, and low back pain.

If you would like to know more, or if you are experiencing any of the above, get in touch with Ella to talk about how she can help you. 

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