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Ella Richardson MVMT is about learning to move better, and to get stronger along the way.

With a background in yoga and a recent lane-change into the strength training realm, Ella has an extensive toolkit to draw upon to help you reach your goals. Most recently, Ella has undertaken a certification that will qualify her to work with pre- and postnatal women. Learn more about what Ella can offer you, by following the links below.

Mobile users: please find information about Personal Training hereabout Functional Yoga here, and about Pre- and Postpartum Corrective Exercise here. Thank you.


Barbell with Weights

Personal Training

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Personal Training

Personalised plan to build strength and cardio fitness


Emphasis on form, core and posture to establish strong foundations

Fun and varied workouts for all skill levels


Functional Yoga

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Functional Yoga


Use yoga postures and breath to improve core strength, along with joint mobility and stability

Build a strong connection to your body and understand how it moves 


Feel more freedom and ease in your daily life

Suitable for all levels

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Pre- and Postnatal

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Pre- & Postnatal

Train safely during pregnancy

Rebuild strength and fitness after pregnancy and birth

Correct specific pregnancy and birth related issues, such as pelvic floor dysfunction, diastasis recti and low back pain



"I'm thrilled to have Ella as a personal trainer because she listens and understands what I want to achieve. She has helped me to stay accountable to my fitness goals with a good balance of care, motivation, and encouragement. Her approach is based on modern knowledge and intelligent, intuitive practises. Ella has personalised workouts that are unique to my needs, taking into account old/new injuries. I've benefited greatly from doing even the most basic practises such as breath work and posture awareness. In times when I've found it hard to manage my time and energy, she has condensed my workout programme to enable me to keep to my schedule. Working with Ella has been valuable to my wellbeing and personal development. I highly recommend her to anyone who wants to improve their fitness, mobility, and wellness!"


"I’ve been working with Ella for a few months now and it that time, I have improved my strength, fitness and mobility considerably. Ella has made it easy for me with her warm manner and keen sense of humour! She pushed me to be better than I thought I could be and I am very grateful to have Ella as my trainer. I can’t recommend her enough, she is awesome to work with and great at helping you achieve your goals."

KIM REID / PT client

"I have been working with Ella for 6 months. She was my yoga teacher, and then my personal trainer. Ella is very particular with details of movements. This, I believe, is a great strength. A foundation for training. She has eyes for details, and would observe carefully and give me feedbacks. Ella is easy to communicate with. She is flexible and is always ready to go extra mile to support me. If there is anything she is not sure of, Ella would go and do her research and come back with an answer or suggestion. I feel very fortunate to have her as my personal trainer!"

SHAN SHAN OU / PT client and Group Yoga class student

"Ella's focus as a yoga teacher is to stabilize the body and then mobilize it. This approach allows you to feel supported, while extending your personal limits in a safer manner. Stability, strength and flexibility are key components to keeping the body functioning well and yoga with Ella enables you to address all three areas in a practical way. She empowers you in an educational way with a depth of knowledge that comes from a yoga certification and a personal training background. Ella is not just your average yoga teacher and I personally love expanding my body's limits whether that be emotionally, physically, or mentally with her well rounded yoga practice."

AINSLEE HITCHINGS / Chiropractor at Live Chiropractic / Private Yoga client

"I have been having private yoga sessions with Ella for a few years now. From the moment I arrived at Ella’s studio I felt at ease and Ella made me feel like I could conquer anything. She is so friendly, understanding and extremely passionate about her yoga. My husband decided to give Ella's yoga a go a while back too ... Needless to say, he’s hooked!"

KAREN / Private Yoga client

"I'm a big fan of Ella's classes and have been lucky enough to have her teach at the studio I manage - Kanuka Yoga Space in Hobsonville. Her energy, cues and unique sequencing always impress me and she has an exceptional understanding of human anatomy. She's a pro at layering. She begins with simple movements, then slowly adds micro adjustments until you find yourself breaking a sweat in something that seems so simple. I can highly recommend Ella as a person and as a yoga/movement instructor!"

STU LARSEN / Studio Manager at Kanuka Yoga / Group Yoga class student

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