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Ella Richardson MVMT is about learning to move better, and to get stronger along the way.

With a background in yoga and a recent lane-change into the strength training realm, Ella has an extensive toolkit to draw upon to help you reach your goals. Learn more about the different modalities that Ella offers below.

Mobile users: please find information about Personal Training here and about Functional Yoga here. Thank you.


Personal Training

Private sessions


Personalised plan to build strength and improve cardio fitness


Emphasis on form, core and posture to establish strong foundations

Suitable for all skill levels

Functional Yoga

Private sessions


Using yoga postures and breath to stay mindful as we work on increasing joint mobility and stability

Good place to start if you're new to movement or if you want to enjoy more freedom and ease in your body


"Ella's focus as a yoga teacher is to stabilize the body and then mobilize it. This approach allows you to feel supported, while extending your personal limits in a safer manner. Stability, strength and flexibility are key components to keeping the body functioning well and yoga with Ella enables you to address all three areas in a practical way. She empowers you in an educational way with a depth of knowledge that comes from a yoga certification and a personal training background. Ella is not just your average yoga teacher and I personally love expanding my body's limits whether that be emotionally, physically, or mentally with her well rounded yoga practice."

AINSLEE HITCHINGS / Chiropractor at Live Chiropractic / Private client

"I have been having private yoga sessions with Ella for a few years now. From the moment I arrived at Ella’s studio I felt at ease and Ella made me feel like I could conquer anything. She is so friendly, understanding and extremely passionate about her yoga. My husband decided to give Ella's yoga a go a while back too ... Needless to say, he’s hooked!"

KAREN / Private client

"I'm a big fan of Ella's classes and have been lucky enough to have her teach at the studio I manage - Kanuka Yoga Space in Hobsonville. Her energy, cues and unique sequencing always impress me and she has an exceptional understanding of human anatomy. She's a pro at layering. She begins with simple movements, then slowly adds micro adjustments until you find yourself breaking a sweat in something that seems so simple. I can highly recommend Ella as a person and as a yoga/movement instructor!"

STU LARSEN / Studio Manager at Kanuka Yoga / Group class student

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